Chernobyl Tour Operator Association



Pripyat - Furniture shopThese principles are binding without any exception to members of Chernobyl Tour Operator Association. We, the members of CHOA hereby claim to:

Inform truthfully about all facts and circumstances of Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and the events that followed it. Do not use any unverified sources of information and if, this should be told in advance to visitors.

Inform and warn every visitor about the medical risks when visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Warn visitors and help them maximally stay away from radioactive hotspots and areas with higher radioactivity.

Stay away from any untruthful advertisements or promises (in the program or itinerary) to customers.

Not judge other Chernobyl tour operators in front of customers.

Not promote and charge prices for the Chernobyl tour that does not include some part of the service needed during the stay in the Chernobyl zone (obligatory insurance, dining, Geiger-Muller counter etc.).

Not allow our representatives and clients to violate the rules in Chernobyl – destroy, paint or disrespect any place in the Chernobyl zone as we consider it as a museum and a memorial.

Not to behave unfriendly, unfair and unhelpful to any Chernobyl visitor and any other tour groups in Chernobyl.


Announcement to the 30th Anniversary of the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Dear visitors, please keep in mind that Chernobyl exclusion zone is having limited capacity for tourist routes, guides and accommodation. On behalf of Chernobyl Tour Operator Association Members we kindly ask you to book your Chernobyl tour in advance as the 30th Chernobyl accident anniversary is bringing to the Zone much more TV crews, journalists and official delegations than usually. Some dates might be booked out weeks and months ahead. Once you book your Chernobyl tour, get your passport and DOB details ready, it takes up to 10 days to get your permits processed and issued. Thank you for your understanding.